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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Stephen Colbert and Bill O'Reilly go at it

Colbert Vs. O'Reilly !?!?. I personally think Stephen Colbert is going through an identity crisis. I'm surprised Bill O'Reilly didn't give him the usual tongue lashing or even tell him to shut up (a phrase he's famous for). He seem like he wanted to but Colbert was kissing O'reilly's bottom.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Naomi Campbell found guilty on cellphone assault

The Supermodel of craziness ms. Naomi Campbell pled guilty to assault and was charged with a misdemeanor. She tried to tell the the judge it was an accident (she must have a lot of accidents) but he obviously wasn't hearing that.
Naomi Campbell was ordered by a judge to to attend anger management class for 2 days and perform five days of community serves, which is to be completed by may 21 of this year. Could you imagine Naomi on the side of a road picking up trash!. The Psycho supermodel was also ordered to to pay the medical bill of Scolavino, The maid she knocked upside the head with a cellphone. Just to think, this whole thing started over a pair of missing jeans. If she felt the maid was a thief she should've just fire her. But hey, she is the Mike Tyson of supermodels!.


What's up with the Olsen twin ?

Ashley Olsen

Mary-kate Olsen

Don't the Olsen twins look like they're on the set of some type of horror movie. Besides Ashley obvious anorexia and that black dress that looks like she got it from Morticia herself, she pretty much look normal. Mary-Kate Olsen on the other hand looks scary. I think it's the eyeliner or maybe it's just me.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Know it's Keeley Hazell with a alledged video

Keeley Hazell, the busty British supermodel is amongst the growing list of celebrities that have steamy sex video circulating around the net. It makes me wonder, is there a trend going on with these celebrities nowadays. You got celebrities like Paris Hilton, Britney spears and a whole list of others with such video's, so long it couldn't possibly be covered in one post. Unlike the Brazilian supermodel daniela cicarelli, Keeley Hazell truly seem to regret the video. People should know that if you record something, you always run the risk of it being exposed and if your famous the chance is even greater. So regardless how much Keeley Hazell regret making the video, it will remain a hot commodity.


What The !!!. Whitney Houston and Ray J creeping

What the hay!!!. Whitney Creeping with Ray J . It makes me think, is she trying to make Bobby Brown feel some type of way because of the Karrine Stephen(a.k.a Super head) ordeal, or is Whitney trying to get her groove back. As for Ray J, it seem like Kim Kardashian was just to young. He wanted a mother figure i guess.

Whitney looks like she's crazy spaced out, as if she's still hitting the pipe or something. Ray J better watch out, she might turn his young a$$ out!.

You can check more on this story at
Aggregated Blogs. There's also other bugged out pics of the two.

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What the heck is Lindsay Lohan wearing

What kind of statement is Lindsay Lohan's trying to make wearing a see through top. I'm pretty sure she looked in the mirror before she left her home. Therefore she knew what she was doing. looking at the photos, i think she actually like the attention and she definitely got mine. Lindsay's just following in the trend of her fellow divas, like Britney and Paris.Standing beside her In a green halter top dress is the sexy Sienna Miller. In the corner pic she's looking down as if she's self conscious about her boobs.

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Seeing Britney Spears at a playground with her son, would usually make one say what a good mother. It's ironic how at the start of clip, it says getting the swing of things. As you watch the clip you start to realize that Britney seem totally out of place. Look at Britney and compared her to the other parents and children in the playground.

Maddona the looks scary !!!

Photo by Roger Wong/INFGoff.com

Oooh!!!. Madonna looks like the wicked witch of the the west, especially pointing her finger like that. the Age is definitely starting to show on this mega pop star. She was in New York City this past week promoting the release of her new movie film Arthur and the Invisibles. That facial expression will give you nightmares.


Penelope Cruz L.A. confidential Party

Don't Penelope Cruz's facial expressions remind you of a little school girl, that got caught doing something she had no business doing. This is photos from yesterday get together for L.A. confidential. She looks cute in her white dress. Her little head and small features make her cute as a puppy.