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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mary-kate Olsen the fragile granny

Know this is one of Mary-kate Olsen's worst photo ever. It look like if she step to hard she might break apart or fail to peices or something.
I mean look at this, she looks like some old fragile granny needing someone to help her cross the street. I dont know who's worst her or
nicole richie (just compare the two)

Then under the photo it says her eating coach is gone.
What the heck is an eating coach? and can you acually make a leaving at that?.

Need some help grandma !!!


Just a little Pink

Pink is one of those tomboy type of chicks that look like she be slaping her dudes around in the bed. Never the less she can be very sexy when she want to.
Anyway just thought i'd through up this video since i like the scene in this video when she's rockin the long pink her.
Thats a whole new look for Pink. A better one in my opinion

The video is U and ur hands


Why is she choking !?!?

You would think that saddam hussein should be the one choking!
Listen to this broad choking through the duration of the whole clip.
where the hell they get her from

What a fishy event

I know I talk about Paris Hilton's fishy events a lot, but this one is in a more literal sense. Like a child, she certainly seem to always bee amazed with either odd or shiny things.
The fish meet both standards.

Michael Tatelman surely looks like he's more interested in Paris then the launch of the new MotorRAZR, which is what this events really about.