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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Michelle Manhart Explains herself

Playboy's new hot bod Michelle Manhart, who's a staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force says she doesn't regret posing. The U.S.A.F must feel different, stating what she did, didn't meet their standards. I guess her military career is hanging in limbo. She should be could Michelle manly, being that her chiseled physique is one that's not to be messed with. But hey, I'm sure somebody would love to have her as a drill Sergeant.
In this Short clip Michelle Manhart is being interviewed by Fox News.
She's defending her actions


Paula Abdul's totally slushed out

Paula Abdul is clearly under the influence of something. It seem to be alcohol but who knows, she's always been an edgy chick and here she go again. Paula We all understand you have a thing for alcohol and young guys but keep it out of the public one.
Anyway this clip is real funny. Not only because her speech is slurred and she's talking a whole lot of nonsense, But also because of the crazy facial expressions she makes. I tell you one thing though, Paula looks as good pie for her age.


Beyonce in blue

what does Beyonce think she's doing, pouting and squinting for the camera. Stick to singing and acting, but on the real beyonce's is so so hot!. Jay Z better go ahead and marry that girl. I'm not one for make-up, but that blue eye shadow definitely bring out her caramel features.


Tacky A$$ Paris Hilton

Now that's flat!. and I'm not talking about the tires.

I mean come on. Paris Hilton is standing next to her new quarter of a million dollar Bentley, looking as crazy as she want to be. You'd figure with all that money she's worth, she'd be a little more stylish. Is she that out of touch with society that she don't know not to wear red high heels with brown Knee Knockers. Then she tops it off with a black and tan turtle neck. WOW!


Friday, January 12, 2007

Today's Hot Celebrity Topics

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Derek Jeter hits homerun with Jessica Biel

I see why Derek's dating her. She's a tight bod.
Jessica Biel's HOT!
I don't see this lasting to long. If you know anything about Derek Jeter you know he likes women. Actress Jessica Biel is his latest beau and they are getting along well so far. Jessica is very sexy, but I'm willing to bet Jeter will be tired of her in a few months.

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Top 10 reasons to download less than 10 items

Download what?. I'm sitting her trying to figure out what the heck Morgan Freeman and Penelope Cruz are actually talking about. Is it movies or a PC plugin?. If someone know, please tell me. To me, at the end of the clip, Morgan Freeman don't seem to no himself and Penelope Cruz starts speaking in Spanish.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Watch out for Claire Bennet

Playing the lead role in NBC's new saga Heroes, Claire bennet an up and coming young actress soon to join the ranks of her fellow young diva superstars. With the release of the show later this month she'll soon be a recognized name. The show looks like it's going to be a hit. Her character is a cheerleader that discover that she has superpowers and go through the usual drama of any T.V. saga. It's ironic that her character is kind of a ditzy cheerleader. I was just thinking about how art imitate life. She plays the character a little to well, but we'll surely see plenty more of Claire Bennet after this.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Britney Spears & Paris Hilton got they own style

No wonder why Blackwell placed Britney Spears and Paris Hilton at the top of his worst dressed list. I can see way Britney may not have no sense of style, coming from a meager background in an almost rural setting. Paris on the other hand is in her on reality. I guess their just barbie girl's in their own little barbie world. Just look at how they're looking at each other. Like at the expression on Britney's face. I can't help not laughing even as I write this.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Britney Spears is looking ragged

Let's face it, Britney Spears has lost it. She's no longer the sexy pop star we use to know. I guess she just totally gave up on her appearance and I thought she was making a come back. Make no mistake I'm not talking about the her cloths. We all throw on anything to make a run sometimes. Watch as Britney act like she don't like the attention she's getting from the dudes filming. The dude with her is clearly feeling different as he lashes out at the two guys.


Of the rack, nah not Nicole Richie !.

Hmm, the shoulders are a little big but who'll know

What a stunning look of Nicole Richie actually looking like a healthy human being. She must really understand how much better she looks with some meat on her bones. She actually have curves in this photo!. In the last post that I did on Nicole Richie, she was so skinny that her bikini was baggy. The reason I really posted this photo is because, this is one of reality Hollywood, young ditzy mega divas shopping of the rack of what looks like a thrift shop. I may be wrong but one thing is for sure, with that outfit she got the bargain hunter look down packed.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

What the heck's on Paris Hilton nose

Talk about heavy ice !. I'm sitting here wondering to myself, how in the heck did she manage to get a peice of ice on here face. Paris Hilton has an uncanny ability to always get herself into some of the most akward situations. The funny part about it, is for the most part she always manage to put on that ditsy a$$ cheese smile. It really makes one wonder can this broad really be that freakin ditsy.

Paris also got a brand new bently and can't even tell which way a street runs. Watch this footage from tmz of paris asking do the street she's turning into go left, when theres parked cars across the street faced to the left.

Click to watch TMZ footage


Daniela Cicarelli's Hot !!!

When it comes to hot ladies, Brazilian supermodels Daniela Cicarelli is definitely the one getting all the buzz. You Know when a whole government pressure a company like youtube to remove a video from circulation, she's getting a whole lot of people attention.
This may not be the one video deleted from youtube but it's a great clip with some nice close ups.