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Friday, December 08, 2006

What the heck is a crap machine

Heres a short clip of one of my favorite night time TV personalities,
David Lettererman


Jay Z Nas Connection

I guess it was either jump aboard or drown for Nas. Once sworn enemies, Nas and Jay are now employee and boss. I guess money out wiegh the differences.
But come on. Jay Z has already put out there how he was boneing his baby mama, leaving condoms on his baby seat in his car and thing of that nature. Nas now in his late 30's decided to place the fate of his career in the hands of the man that he once dispised just a couple of years ago.
I say do your thing nas, becuase at the end of the day it's all about the dollar, right ?.
I know one thing for sure. With him stating hip hop is dead, his album better be fire. Nas is already taking a lot of criticizim from that hip hop community for making that statement.
His latest album is called Hip Hop is dead !.
With Jay Z being Def Jams V.P. , worth a half billion dollars and very business oreintated I guess he see alot of potential in Nas.
Naahhh !!!. I really think Nas if Jay's trophy boy !.
Here homey let me help you pour your troubles away.

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Britney outta know better !

Okay, it's understandable if you choose not to give a sh*t about yourself. But Britney outta know better then to try and handle a baby while she's zooted. I feel so sorry for that baby
She's so high she forgot she can hire a nanny or something.

How stupid could she really be !!!


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Is Nicole Richie smokin crack ?

I'm sitting here thinking, damn!!!. Nicole Richie's so frail even here draws are baggy.
That head ban around her head looks like it'll fit perfectly around her waist.

AAUUUGGHHH, I can't take these hunger pains !!!

Body Obsession ???


Dag Lloyd Banks, Smile Homey

Know i see way Lloyd banks sound like he can barely breathe when he rap. He barely open his big @$$ lips. Smile, life can't be that rough. your a millionaire!!!

Anyway a think his video Help is a banging,
so i decided to add it.


Lindsay Lohan's alter ego

Here we have another inciteful look into another one of are favorite young celebrity diva's. Could this be the same Lindsay Lohan that played in movies like The parent trap and Herbie. Look at this broad. The nodding off, cracked up lips, the I just don't give a f**k appearance. She's high as a kite !!!. That old saying is true ladies and gentlemen. If it walk like a duck, fly like a duck and quack like a duck. Then it's probably a duck. I'am telling you. It's a spell being cast on this chicks and the main culprit responsible for this is non other then the head witch Paris Hilton. ( just my opinion ).

Heeeyy. Got any uppers man ???

A sober look of Lindsay Lohan

Here's a short outside interview of a semi high Lindsey discussing her feeling the grand witch Paris


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pardon Jessica Simpson ?

Could she even bother to be more creative with her excuse. I'm no Jessica Simpson expert, but it sure don't take one to see the true limitations of her talent. Every time she mess up she says it because she's nerves and apologizes with the southern hospitality front. It's one of her best tactics. The audience sucks it up all the time. Dolly Pardon played it cool for the cameras but the disgust was clearly visible.

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Steven Seagal the unreadable

I think this chart gives a very accurate look into the demeanor of Steven Seagal. If you ever seen other photos of this guy, you'll definitely say to you self, heck ya!. Just search the net and see.
you'll notice that he always has the same sinister but suave facial expression. If I where in front of him and he looked at me like that I wouldn't no whether he wanted to chop my head of or ask me some whimsical question. I bet he didn't give them mob guys extorting him that facial expression.

Only if you knew what I was thinking!!!


Paris Hilton In a movie !!!

The princess of well heeled raunchiness has a lead in a actual movie. Okay it my be a national lampoons movie, but nevertheless a movie. I think some one with the national lampoons people stumble upon her one day and thought Paris Hilton!, movie!. As you will evidently see. That inspired moment led to a movie that's not just up to the national lampoons standards but fits perfectly with the lead character.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What the heck !!!. Has Tyson Beckford been hitting the crack pipe or what !. It look like he's about to suck the mike out of the interveiwers hand.
Here you have it ladies and gentlemen, one of America's sexiest celebrities.
He look's spaced out, don't he !.

Beam me up scotty !!!


TI's Constipated

T.I. is definitely one of my favorite rappers. If I where him, this photo would definitely not have been released.
Ya boy TI look like he was sitting on the toilet bowl straining to drop a heavy number 2 when the photographer snapped the picture.



Monday, December 04, 2006

Oops! I Did It Again

I'am back once more with Britney Spears and her newly acquired gal pal Paris Hilton. Britney have surely been showing the yang side of her yen. I guess it's Paris 101, britney's getting schooling from the best on how to be a lush with a lot of lust.

Like i said in an earlier post she's starting to look like
Teagan Presley.

Maybe paris will help her with her first movie.

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Janet Jackson the black Morticia

Dont get me wrong. I think janet jackson's one of the most gorgeous woman in america, but i'll be darn if she don't look like the black version of morticia (of the monsters). It's definitly the hair. Janet i dont know what you where thinking when you left your house, but it wasn't clearly.
Maybe her stylist had a beef against her and this was a creative way to get her back, i don't know.

Had to through in the one with Jermaine Dupree, he kinda remind me of the grandpops

But on the real side there good for each other.

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Flava Flav !!! The undisputable king of reality T.V.

Flava Flav is undeniably the man. Where else in the world could you have a dude so ugly having woman doing the most oddest thing to gain his acceptance. Then again they where for the most part either as scary as him or had some type of mental problem

Most of ladies where there for the fifteen minutes of fame, the doe or both. Alot of them were really diggin the man, but anyway flavs the man

You can
see some of the women in my last post


Flava's Angels Or should i say Hoodrats

No wonder they qualified for the casting of flava of love. These broads look like there in attendance of a scary movie premier.
As a matter of fact they look like a group of drag queens.
I'm thinking to myself is that really Deelishes, cause if it is she surely look like she morphed her apearance or maybe it's just because they no longer got the make up people to cover then up no longer?

Looks like where gonna have big fun tonight !!!