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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Is James Brown widow serious !!!

Watch the clip!!

They truly were made for each other!. Rest in peace to the late great James Brown but i'll be darn if you his widow ain't funny as hell. She had to be some sort entertainer in her in her lifetime.


Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz

Who would have ever though that these two would split up, okay I did. Justin Timberlake is putting forth the use of his newly found image and persona. He even look like he put some weight on. He have definitley made the transformation from preppy boy band dude to one of stardoms sexiest and most admired man. On the other hand Cameron Diaz is definitley sexy and can easily replace justin . Don't she looks hot.

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Why is Britney Spears face puffy ?

What the heck happened to britney spear's face !!!. D@mn it look like she got beat all upside her head. This photo was taken after a night out at the L.A. hotspot Les Deux. It must have been a real bad night for her, but than again she is smiling.


Friday, January 05, 2007

David Letterman Thoughts on Saddam Hussein

This is a clip of late night funny man David Letterman expressing his thoughts on saddam Hussein, but the real funny part is the cynical commercial at the end.

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What washed up celebrities will Do...

It truly amazes me to see what washed up celebrities will Do to stay in the spotlight. You've got once loved or maybe even still loved celebs like Erik Estrada, Latoya Jackson and Mini me offering themselves as human guinea pigs. These fools are actually allowing this police officers to taser them. Yes!!! Electrocute!!!.

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Funny group photos at Taye Diggs B-Day party

This are a few of the funniest photos of taye Diggs birthday party at the mokia in miami beach.

Lil Jon and Nicola siervo, look as if the where getting to gather every day at a little irish bar downtown for thirty years.

Know this is ridiculous it looks like rumplestelskin and a life size doll replica. She kinda remind me of Anna Nicole Smith.

Taye digg the man of the event look like he didn't even know where he was at. He look like he may have been out of it before the party ended

A.J. Collaway, Gabrielle Union's not hearing what your trying to say.

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Lil Jon's feelin nice at Taye Diggs birthday bash

For a dude that can take three alternating word, slap'em up on a beat and make a hit record, Lil Jon's a bad man. A scary lookin man but a bad one. Here we have a couple of pics of Lil Jon showing us how he do it and obviously enjoying the festivities.

He finished that bottle off !


Know he's ready to get crunked

Had to add this one with the sexy gabrielle Union

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Jay-Z & Beyonce do Santa Domingo

It can't be the money. It must be his charisma cause Jay-z really look like Joe the camel. A lot of people said it wouldn't last, but the mega stars are definitely headed in the way of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. With song by Jay Z like 20's the new 30, he's feeling real young while Beyonce's acquiring more sophistication so I guess they meet some where in the middle.

Dang! Jay it look like you use to take the mini cheese bus to school!!!

Know I see way you and Beyonce went to Santa Domingo.

They seem really happy together, Jay-Z's looking like a mouse in this one though.

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Is Barbara Walters calling Donald Trump a liar

Here we go again. Instead of the over zealous Rosie O'Donnel in the hot seat screaming out her crazy antic, it the more conservative Barbara Walters that's in the interviewers seat. In spite of the strong word spoken by Barbara she managed to dodge a tongue lashing from Donald trump. As a matter of fact Donald expressed admiration for her. On the other hand with Donald Trump egotistical ways he can't let sleeping dog lay. He is still continually bombarding Rosie with every insult under the sun
Barbara Walter is like the Quiet Before the Storm. She may seem more quiet and passive, but those are the ones you got to watch out for. She know she's way more influential in her field then the real estate tycoon is.

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christina aguilera's bit buzzed

Christina Aguilera seemingly a bit buzzed after a long night of New Years Eve parting. I'll tell you one thing, she surely didn't have to worry about guy's taking advantage of her physical and mental state. Her professional CBer looks like he's ready to prounce on anybody that get to close.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Top 5 most craziest celebrities stories

Top 5 I'm innocent but... stories, as put by NBX.com

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston finally part

How about this for a final photo. Through all the domestic abuse and the heavy drug use, it took a young hip-hop groupie by the name of Karrine Stephens, better known as Super Head to break this dynamic dou apart. I guess your life boat have slipped passed the horizan bobby. Whitney have been looking a lot better, well as for her weight and appearence anyway, but the crack left her voice a little cracked. Whitney Houston is truly talented and my guess is , beside her pass the transition in bouncing back will be fairly easy for her. As for bobby he better have his agent shop him around for a reality show. The public audience love this type of thing. Look at the show they had and better yet look at flava flav's show flava of love.
I'll be darn if they don't look like a couple of crack monsters

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Caution Paris Hilton wash baby

Know who in there right mind would let Paris Hilton wash their child, let alone while submerged in water. The babies parents have to be more irresponsible then Paris. But the funny part is while she's squeezing a ton of shampoo in the baby's hair she realizes the baby took a dump in the water. I bet you can guess how fast she got out of that tub .


Monday, January 01, 2007

Pamela Anderson, role model to the young stars

Know I see where this young divas get it from. Pamela Anderson was surely loose and free spirited for the Las Vegas 2007 new years festivities!.

I wonder what she's whispering in Usher's ear. What ever it is it must be real interesting, being he's grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Chuck Zito one not to miss an opportunity neither. I wonder whets he's whispering in her ear, cause she's smiling like a Cheshire cat!!!

While chuck is trying to keep a grip on thing, Pauly Shore looks like he want to say to him, hey I wish you'd let her go it's my turn.

I hope they brushed there teeth.

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Sylvester Stallon's really is Rocky

D@mn look at this photo!. Sylvester Stallone looks like he just finished a round with the big Russian guy from Rocky IV. Sly or should I say Rocky is so obsessed with the character that it's starting to show in his his appearance. I luv the rocky movies especially IV, But doing another make of it in this millennium? He should have known better.

Aye, Adrianne !!!


Sunday, December 31, 2006

British (American) idol spinoff

Who could ever get enough of those idiots making fools of there selves on national T.V.
Look at the expression on Sharon Osborne face as this grown ass man sings in a shrill cartoon like voice
and of cause theres Simon (no explanation need on that one).


Mike Tyson takes a bite out of crime

I know everybody's talking about the charges at hand but I want to concentrate on the photo.
Mike Tyson is known for taken a bite out of things, like Evander Hollifield ear and obviously crime, being that he can't stay out of jail, but look at the photo. It look like he wanted to bite the cameraman, he reminds me of Hannibal lecture maybe he need one of those mask too!.

You Look scwumchusth !!!


Just Cause Enquireing minds want to know

Can that really be rosie o'donnell ???

O.J.'s definitely on something, For all the stuff he's been in and through he surely lost his mind!!!.

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Jay Mohr & Nikki Cox Wedded way?

We all know Jay Mohr form movies like king's ransom and Even money, he's also a very funny comedian, while Nikki Cox maybe a little lesser known, but nonetheless an accomplished actress, but the two wedding!. Jay Mohr took the cake with this one, This is the funniest s#!t of his whole career (if you ask me). I'm sitting here looking at this photo and can't help but think. Who's the man and who's the women in this marriage. We obviously know who's the male and female, but I'll be darn if Nikki Cox don't look like a trans chick dude !, while jay's looking like some impressionable alter boy or something.

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